Mastering Account Management: 5 Online Courses You Can’t Afford to Miss

adult brunette woman taking an online account management course

In today’s rapidly-evolving business landscape, marketing account managers need to be continuously upskilling to stay ahead. Understanding the latest marketing trends, developing and executing cutting-edge campaigns, and nurturing solid client relationships are just the tip of the iceberg. To truly elevate your marketing account management career, one effective strategy is to invest in online courses. […]

The Account Managers Glossary: 17 Terms You Should Know

Diverse group of young women at work reviewing account manager glossary

Ever sit in a meeting and feel like the people around you are speaking a foreign language? It’s happened to all of us at some point. To help, we’ve compiled the top keywords that every marketing account manager should keep at their fingertips. Let’s get cracking! Account Manager Glossary Each of these terms holds a […]

Marketing Account Management 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Smiling woman who works in marketing account management on her cell phone at her desk

In the world of business, establishing and maintaining strong relationships with clients is paramount. This is the domain of marketing account management. A blend of customer service, project management, and sales, marketing account management is the backbone of a successful client-agency relationship. What is Marketing Account Management? Marketing account management, at its core, is about […]

Navigating the Landscape of Marketing Briefs: An In-depth Guide & Free Custom Template

group of gen z employees reviewing their marketing brief

In the dynamic world of marketing, an effective marketing brief serves as the compass, guiding the campaign from its conceptualization to execution. Providing clarity, focus, and alignment, it plays a vital role in a campaign’s success. This detailed guide explores the nuances of a marketing brief, its critical importance, and how to develop one. We […]

Marketing Jobs: Your Passport to a Lucrative Career

african american woman in business casual outfit in office with marketing colleagues

In the ever-changing realm of business, marketing has remained a pivotal function, serving as the bridge between companies and their consumers. For those who are just stepping into this exciting industry, the journey can seem both intriguing and overwhelming. Don’t sweat it. This in-depth guide to careers in marketing will shed light on the broad […]

Account Management 101: A Marketer’s Guide to Success

a black woman and caucasian woman who work in account management meeting at a desk

Are you interested in pursuing a career that combines marketing, sales, and client management? If that sounds like you, a career in account management may be right for you! This field can be an exciting opportunity for marketers looking to gain hands-on experience managing a portfolio of clients. Starting with the fundamentals, we’ll cover everything […]

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