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Are You Unhappy With Your Career? Here Are 5 Signs That It May Be Time for a Change

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current career in marketing? Do you feel stuck, frustrated, or simply ready for a change? If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2018 EdX survey, over a third of people between 25-44 have seriously thought about changing careers in the last year. And almost three in ten workers have totally pivoted to a new industry since beginning their post-college job.

The reasons people change jobs vary. The desire for a salary increase (39%) or interest in a different field (21%) are two of the primary reasons behind why people seek new jobs. But there can also be a desire for greater impact, time with your family, or space to be more creative. No matter what your reasons, below are five signs that it might be time for a career change. 

Making the switch

The biggest difference between changing jobs and changing careers is that changing the latter requires more education and/or training. If you are thinking about making a career change, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to invest the time, money, and energy into getting the necessary education.

Another thing to consider is whether your current skills would transfer to a new career.  If your skills would not translate well to a new career, you may want to consider a lateral career change instead of changing industries altogether. Changing careers without experience may feel daunting, but it can be done.

Lateral career changes are a good way to transition into a new career. This means changing from one role in an industry to another. For example, if you are a graphic designer, can you see yourself doing web design? Or, if you are an account manager, can you see yourself working in production? How about moving into sales or operations? 

There are lots of options and opportunities within marketing to consider before making a decision on whether you want to change your career.

5 Signs It’s Time to Change Careers

Sometimes you start to go down a career path that seems perfect at first, only to find that you’re not as happy as you thought you would be. If this sounds like your situation, it may be time for a change. Everyone deserves to feel satisfied with their work. After all, you’re going to spend 40 hours on it (at least!) per week. 

How can you tell if it’s really time for a career change and not just a bad month? The signs that it’s time to change careers often overlap with the signs it might be time to change jobs. Before you make any major decisions, though, it is important to evaluate your options and do some research on different career paths that might be a better fit for your goals and interests. With the right preparation and support, switching careers can be an exciting opportunity for growth.

Here are five signs that you should start looking into other options:

1. You’re not learning new skills or feeling challenged 

Are you feeling bored and unchallenged at work? This may be a sign that it’s time to seek out new opportunities within marketing. When you are no longer growing and expanding your skill set, or when you find yourself doing tasks over and over without any room left to develop or learn, it can start to become very frustrating and even draining.

Consider what new skills you’d like to learn or what new projects you could potentially take on. Discuss this with your manager and see how you can continue to grow and develop in your career at the company. If you don’t see any progress, definitely consider looking for a role that will better meet your needs.

If you feel you’ve learned all the skills necessary for your career path and have no additional options, a career change might be right for you. This can also be true if you don’t have all of the skills necessary for your current career, but the idea of gaining them and moving up in your industry no longer excites you.

2. You don’t feel like you have room to grow in your current role

Are you feeling stuck in your current role? If so, this may be another sign that it’s time for a change. When you feel like there is no room left to grow in your career, either because of limited opportunities or lack of support from management, you may start to feel unhappy and unfulfilled at work. This can lead to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction with your job. Chat with your manager about what your career path looks like in the company. If there isn’t a lot of opportunity or support to develop your career further, it may be time to start exploring other options. Would a role at another company alleviate these feelings, or is this a greater sign of dissatisfaction with what you do as a career?

3. You’re looking for more flexibility in your schedule

Do you find yourself wishing for more flexibility in your schedule? If so, this could be another sign that it’s time for a career change. Many women find themselves stuck in jobs where they are expected to be available around the clock with little or no support from management when it comes to flexible schedules or working remotely. They are even penalized for taking lunch breaks or utilizing PTO. 

While some jobs may require this level of commitment, if you find yourself wishing for more flexibility in your schedule but feel like your current job offers no room for negotiation, it might be time to look for opportunities within marketing that will better meet your needs.

Whether you are looking for more flexibility, less stress, or a company that respects your time and efforts, it is important to consider whether the culture of your current organization is a good fit for you. Many roles in marketing require that you be available and able to adapt to different situations, so consider what aspects of flexibility are most important to you, such as working from home or travel requirements and find a role that allows for this level of flexibility. Each person is different, so it’s important to take the time and consider what matters most to you.

4. You’re feeling burnt out due to high-stress levels or long hours

Are you feeling burned out at work due to excessive stress and long hours? If so, this could be a sign that it’s time for you to consider making a change in your career. Burnout can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health, so if you find yourself constantly stressed out or working long hours without much support from management, it may be time to start exploring other options within marketing where you have more control over your schedule and workload.

Contrary to popular belief, working in marketing doesn’t always equate to long hours and high stress. There are many opportunities in this field that offer flexibility, growth potential, and work-life balance. So before you decide to make a career change, take the time to consider whether your current job is truly a good fit for you or if you need to change careers entirely. Talk to people in similar roles at other companies to determine if it’s the company you work for that’s causing you stress or demanding long hours or if it’s a built-in aspect of the industry you’re in.

5. You’re looking for a position with more strategic decision-making responsibility

Do you find yourself wanting to make more strategic decisions in your career but feel like there is no opportunity within your current organization? This could be another sign that it’s time to consider making a change. Whether you are looking to take on higher-level management responsibilities or want more autonomy when it comes to how you manage your day-to-day duties, if there is no room for advancement in your current organization, it may be time to start thinking about exploring other options where you can take on new challenges. 

This is a great example of changing jobs versus careers. In this case, the company you work for is inhibiting your growth – growth that you are eager to achieve. Changing careers would likely set you back at the starting line, so in this instance, finding a company that is hiring for a role that provides more autonomy or strategic decision-making responsibility would be a good choice. They will likely also find it impressive that you are such an ambitious, strategic, go-getter!

If any of these signs sound familiar, then now might be the perfect time for you to consider making a change in your career. By being proactive and taking the initiative to explore new opportunities that meet your needs, you can ensure that you are in a position to succeed both personally and professionally moving forward. So don’t wait until burnout strikes – start exploring all of your options today!


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