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HERstory: Amanda Ciccatelli

Amanda Ciccatelli

Amanda Ciccatelli joins us for an interview that takes us from the start of her career to her current position as the Senior Director of Content Marketing at HLTH. With a heart full of stories and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Amanda shares insights into her experience navigating the exciting world of content marketing […]

Decoding the Job Description with a Real-world Example

Photo of two diverse women in business clothes smiling

Think of a job description as a ‘map’ that outlines an employee’s journey within an organization. It’s like a blueprint, showing the employee’s position within the larger company structure. To bring this to life, consider the job description of a Marketing Manager. A Marketing Manager’s job description might state that they’re responsible for developing and […]

Top 5 Marketing Job Boards to Land Your Dream Job

young woman working on laptop researching the top marketing job boards for marketing professionals

As marketing continues to evolve, so do the channels for finding jobs in the field. Niche marketing job board websites offer tailored services for specific types of marketing jobs, making the search for your next role much easier. Here’s an overview of the top five job boards that cater specifically to marketers. Marketing Job Boards […]

HERstory: Neha Kirpalani

Neha Profile Photo

Introducing Neha Kirpalani, a dynamic and multi-talented Product Marketing Manager at QS, and an official LinkedIn Creator who isn’t afraid to wear many hats. Neha’s diverse professional journey has seen her traverse a vast landscape of marketing roles – from creative copywriting to product marketing, punctuated by an adventurous master’s degree journey in the United […]

HERstory: Amy Zhou

amy zhou interview photo

Amy Zhou is a versatile marketing professional whose career has ranged from grassroots door-to-door sales to managing key brands for multinational corporations. A go-getter since her university days, Amy’s dynamic journey is marked by early internships and entrepreneurial ventures like Gaucho Creative, which she co-founded during her time at the University of California, Santa Barbara […]

HERstory: Maya Wesby

Photo of Maya Wesby in front of green space

In our latest conversation, we had the pleasure of delving into the dynamic career journey of Maya Wesby. Maya has navigated various industries, from blockchain and consumer tech to now higher education, all through the lens of social media. Maya’s journey through different social roles shows her skill in tailoring strategies to various audiences and […]

HERstory: Meryoli Arias

Meryoli Arias Profile Photo

Meet Meryoli Arias, a marketing maven who’s crafted compelling social media strategies across a range of industries, from retail to tech startups. Her success mantra? Connection. Meryoli believes that understanding and addressing the unique needs of each customer are key to influential social media strategy. Whether scaling LinkedIn followers for Apollo from 23K to 40K […]

HERstory: Nicole Phillip

Portrait of Nicole Phillip in front of green space

Welcome back to our HERstory series, where we share insightful narratives of influential women in marketing. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair because we’ve been hanging out with Nicole Phillip, the Senior Social Media Manager at The Hustle. She’s got her roots in journalism, was part of the New York Times’ […]

HERstory: Nicole Sumner

Samantha A 1

Welcome to another installment of our HERstory series, where we put the spotlight on dynamic women leading the charge in the marketing world. These inspiring women share their stories, wisdom, and insights, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities and rewards of the industry. Our latest feature is with Nicole Sumner, Brand Manager at Ollie, […]

HERstory: Lisa Alexander

Lisa 1

Welcome to another edition of HERstory, where we delve into the fascinating journeys of marketers who are redefining the marketing landscape. Today’s conversation is with Lisa Alexander, the Senior Brand Partner at Morning Brew, the daily newsletter that’s in everyone’s inbox. From her beginnings as an advertising sales intern at MTV Networks to her current […]

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