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HERstory: Trish Seidel

Trish HERstory

Welcome to another inspiring edition of HERstory, where we spotlight the dynamic journeys of women shaping the marketing world. In this installment, we sit down with Trish Seidel, whose bold pivot from communications to growth marketing fueled the remarkable ascent of Springly. Trish gives us a candid look at the trials, errors, and back-to-basics approach […]

HERstory: Briana Dilworth

B HERstory

Welcome back to HERstory, where today’s spotlight shines brightly on Briana Dilworth, a marketing powerhouse whose journey leaps from Florida to France, embodying persistence and creative zest. In a candid chat, Briana walks us through her roller-coaster internship hunt during a global lockdown, landing at AssoConnect with intentional applications and a rapid learning curve. Briana […]

HERstory: Pooja ParasuRaman

Pooja ParasuRaman HERstory

Welcome to our latest HERstory interview where we dive deep into the world of influencer marketing with a woman who’s been at the helm, reshaping its future with every move. Today, we have the privilege of chatting with Pooja ParasuRaman, a marketer par excellence, recognized among Hello Partner’s Top 30 Trailblazing Women in Influencer Marketing. […]

HERstory: Maria Marchewka

Maria Marchewka HERstory

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on Maria Marchewka’s vibrant journey through her marketing career. From cutting her teeth at agencies like Flying Cork and MASSolutions to molding the brand narrative at Newswire, Maria is the embodiment of evolution in the marketing realm. She’s a staunch advocate for human-to-human (H2H) marketing, has an arsenal of […]

HERstory: Lauren Freund

Lauren HERstory

Meet Lauren Freund, social media manager at everyone’s favorite design platform, Canva. She has a wealth of experience and has done everything from climbing the ranks from coordinator to strategist to boosting Taco Bell’s Insta followers in a big way. In this chat, Lauren dishes the dirt on how she made it happen, how she […]

HERstory: Danielle Stapleton

Danielle Stapleton HERstory

Welcome to another episode of HERstory, our weekly series at marketHER where we dive into the exciting world of marketing through the lenses of remarkable women. This week, we have the privilege of introducing Danielle Stapleton, an accomplished social media strategist. From making her mark in educational sector social media strategy at Southwestern University, to […]

HERstory: Shayna Macklin

shayna HERstory

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Shayna Macklin, a seasoned marketer who has left her mark across a wide range of companies and sectors. From social media manager to brand strategist, her journey is a testament to the power of a multi-faceted approach in marketing. Shayna shares her insights on a spectrum of subjects such as […]

HERstory: Morgan Glennon

Morgan Glennon

Welcome back to HERstory, where we’re spotlighting Morgan Glennon, a marketing maverick who’s made waves with her transformational work at PerkinElmer and Somfy. From steering a massive corporate split to fostering diversity in influencer marketing, Morgan’s story is rich with strategic innovation. Drawing from her diverse experiences, including her role at and freelance writing […]

HERstory: Amanda Ciccatelli

Amanda Ciccatelli

Amanda Ciccatelli joins us for an interview that takes us from the start of her career to her current position as the Senior Director of Content Marketing at HLTH. With a heart full of stories and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Amanda shares insights into her experience navigating the exciting world of content marketing […]

HERstory: Arielle Berlinsky

Arielle Berlinsky

Welcome to a new episode of HERstory, where we explore the journeys of remarkable women making waves in the marketing world. Today’s spotlight falls on Arielle Berlinsky, a Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Delta Vacations, who has taken the enviable task of transforming immersive travel experiences into compelling social content. In our conversation with Arielle, […]

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