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Ready To Negotiate? Turn 🌟 Into 💸

Picture this.

You’re standing in your manager’s office. Your heart is pounding and your palms are getting slicker by the second.

You’ve spent months going above and beyond. Now, you’re working up the courage to discuss the promotion you’ve been pursuing.

Confidence in your abilities and the value you bring to your marketing team is one thing. But when it comes to negotiating, you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed.

You’re not alone.

Negotiation. Let’s talk about it.

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As marketers, we’re no strangers to difficult conversations. Strategies change, campaigns underperform.

We expect them. Navigate them.

But something changes when the conversation is centered around us.

Regardless of the years of experience under your belt, negotiation is an inevitable stepping-stone in our careers. The sooner we master negotiation, the better off our wallets (and careers) will be.

Studies show that women are 30% more likely to skip negotiations when it comes to job offers. To put it in perspective, women that actively negotiate their salaries can make at least $1 million more throughout their careers than women that don’t.

1 million.

If you’re apprehensive about negotiating, familiarize yourself with these tactics designed to help you secure the salary and jobs you deserve:

🔑 Preparation is key

Being well-informed is foundational for making a strong case for yourself.

Prepare a strategy to guide the conversation and anticipate potential objections.

Research industry standard salaries for your position, experience level, and area. Consider other negotiables you’d like to pursue, like benefits or professional development opportunities.

The better prepared you are, the more effective you’ll be at the negotiation table.

🏆 Know your worth

You’ll need evidence to back up your negotiations. What have you accomplished? How have you added value to the team? Do you go above and beyond?

Throughout the year, keep a personal win-sheet of your accomplishments to reference later. All of your successes, what you’ve optimized, and areas you’ve excelled. If your manager gives you raving feedback, add it to your win-sheet.

Having concrete evidence of your worth will help you argue convincingly for better compensation or opportunities.

👂 Practice emotional intelligence & active listening

Negotiation is a two-way street.

Listen to your manager’s concerns or perspective. Pay attention to non-verbal cues and adjust your approach accordingly. Address their objections tactfully and be open to compromise. Empathy can also help you build rapport, making negotiations more constructive.

💪 Confidence, confidence, confidence

Confidence isn’t an inherent trait – it’s a skill. One that can be learned and refined.

Focus on presenting your case rationally and assertively. If you believe you deserve a raise, promotion, or that your ideas merit attention, voice them with confidence.

If your heart is racing at the thought of negotiating, role-play the scenario! This will help you reduce anxiety, get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, and help you clarify your arguments.

🚫 Embrace the “no”

We can’t win them all. Sometimes, the response to your negotiation might be a “no.”

Rather than viewing this as a setback, see it as an opportunity for feedback and growth. Ask open-ended questions to understand their reasoning or potential blockers, and then use that information to improve your future negotiation strategies.

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HERstory ✨

Maya Wesby

Maya Wesby is currently making waves as a Social Media Manager at Harvard. With her rich background spanning internships at BP and Burson-Marsteller, pivotal roles at Wachsman and Edelman, and now in higher education, Maya is skilled in the art of adapting social media strategies to diverse industries and audiences.

She reveals the key lessons she’s gleaned along her journey, including:

🌐 The role of social media as a powerful tool for brand communication

🗣️ Prioritizing understanding your audience and creating a conversation, not a one-way communication

💡 Strategies for transforming complex ideas into accessible social content

🎓 The distinct opportunities and challenges of managing social media in higher education

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Meryoli Arias 1

Meryoli Arias, a seasoned social media strategist, has navigated through diverse industries ranging from retail to tech startups, creating robust connections with consumers.

In our chat with Meryoli, she shares her wealth of knowledge and strategies, such as:

🎯 Using the human connection as the cornerstone of every social media strategy, regardless of the industry.

📈 Her tried-and-tested approach to community growth and engagement, illustrated with real-life success stories.

⌛ Crafting concise, authentic, and impactful content that truly encapsulates a brand’s essence.

🔎 Staying on top of trends and evolving with the dynamic landscape of social media and digital marketing.

⚖️ Balancing immediate metrics and sustainable growth with a community-first approach.

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