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HERstory: Lauren Freund

Lauren HERstory

Meet Lauren Freund, social media manager at everyone’s favorite design platform, Canva. She has a wealth of experience and has done everything from climbing the ranks from coordinator to strategist to boosting Taco Bell’s Insta followers in a big way. In this chat, Lauren dishes the dirt on how she made it happen, how she […]

HERstory: Danielle Stapleton

Danielle Stapleton HERstory

Welcome to another episode of HERstory, our weekly series at marketHER where we dive into the exciting world of marketing through the lenses of remarkable women. This week, we have the privilege of introducing Danielle Stapleton, an accomplished social media strategist. From making her mark in educational sector social media strategy at Southwestern University, to […]

HERstory: Morgan Glennon

Morgan Glennon

Welcome back to HERstory, where we’re spotlighting Morgan Glennon, a marketing maverick who’s made waves with her transformational work at PerkinElmer and Somfy. From steering a massive corporate split to fostering diversity in influencer marketing, Morgan’s story is rich with strategic innovation. Drawing from her diverse experiences, including her role at and freelance writing […]

HERstory: Arielle Berlinsky

Arielle Berlinsky

Welcome to a new episode of HERstory, where we explore the journeys of remarkable women making waves in the marketing world. Today’s spotlight falls on Arielle Berlinsky, a Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Delta Vacations, who has taken the enviable task of transforming immersive travel experiences into compelling social content. In our conversation with Arielle, […]

HERstory: Kelsea Cozad


We’re excited to present a candid conversation with Kelsea Cozad, a social media powerhouse at EXPRESS, who’s scaled heights across a variety of industries. Kelsea’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and sheer determination, shaping her into the seasoned strategist she is today. In our chat, Kelsea delves into the core of organic social media […]

HERstory: Maya Wesby

Photo of Maya Wesby in front of green space

In our latest conversation, we had the pleasure of delving into the dynamic career journey of Maya Wesby. Maya has navigated various industries, from blockchain and consumer tech to now higher education, all through the lens of social media. Maya’s journey through different social roles shows her skill in tailoring strategies to various audiences and […]

HERstory: Meryoli Arias

Meryoli Arias Profile Photo

Meet Meryoli Arias, a marketing maven who’s crafted compelling social media strategies across a range of industries, from retail to tech startups. Her success mantra? Connection. Meryoli believes that understanding and addressing the unique needs of each customer are key to influential social media strategy. Whether scaling LinkedIn followers for Apollo from 23K to 40K […]

HERstory: Nicole Phillip

Portrait of Nicole Phillip in front of green space

Welcome back to our HERstory series, where we share insightful narratives of influential women in marketing. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair because we’ve been hanging out with Nicole Phillip, the Senior Social Media Manager at The Hustle. She’s got her roots in journalism, was part of the New York Times’ […]

Marketing Jobs: Your Passport to a Lucrative Career

african american woman in business casual outfit in office with marketing colleagues

In the ever-changing realm of business, marketing has remained a pivotal function, serving as the bridge between companies and their consumers. For those who are just stepping into this exciting industry, the journey can seem both intriguing and overwhelming. Don’t sweat it. This in-depth guide to careers in marketing will shed light on the broad […]

The Ultimate Social Media Content Calendar Every Marketer Needs (Free Download!)

red headed woman at desk working on social media content calendar

Hey there, social media marketers! Are you looking for a streamlined way to plan, create, and organize your social media content? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of using a social media content calendar and provide you with a free, easy-to-use template that will revolutionize […]

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