HERstory: Nicole Phillip

Portrait of Nicole Phillip in front of green space

Welcome back to our HERstory series, where we share insightful narratives of influential women in marketing. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair because we’ve been hanging out with Nicole Phillip, the Senior Social Media Manager at The Hustle. She’s got her roots in journalism, was part of the New York Times’ […]

Marketing Jobs: Your Passport to a Lucrative Career

african american woman in business casual outfit in office with marketing colleagues

In the ever-changing realm of business, marketing has remained a pivotal function, serving as the bridge between companies and their consumers. For those who are just stepping into this exciting industry, the journey can seem both intriguing and overwhelming. Don’t sweat it. This in-depth guide to careers in marketing will shed light on the broad […]

The Ultimate Social Media Content Calendar Every Marketer Needs (Free Download!)

red headed woman at desk working on social media content calendar

Hey there, social media marketers! Are you looking for a streamlined way to plan, create, and organize your social media content? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of using a social media content calendar and provide you with a free, easy-to-use template that will revolutionize […]

Empowering Women in Social Media Marketing: Tips, Tools, and Insights

Disabled woman in wheelchair who works in social media working at her desk

Social media marketing (SMM) is a growing sect of digital marketing that focuses on connecting with your target audience where they’re most likely to spend their time. Establishing a social media presence is an affordable channel for marketing your business and can be highly effective when driven by social media marketing strategy and data. In […]

The Social Media Marketing Breakdown: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

young black woman who works in social media marketing wearing headphones and smiling at desk

Technology has dramatically changed the way people communicate with one another. It’s undeniable. With average time spent on social media topping more than 2 hours per day worldwide, social media has become an invaluable tool for influencing consumer behavior.  If you’re considering a career in social media marketing, it’s important to have realistic expectations surrounding […]

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