Marketing Jobs: Your Passport to a Lucrative Career

african american woman in business casual outfit in office with marketing colleagues

In the ever-changing realm of business, marketing has remained a pivotal function, serving as the bridge between companies and their consumers. For those who are just stepping into this exciting industry, the journey can seem both intriguing and overwhelming. Don’t sweat it. This in-depth guide to careers in marketing will shed light on the broad […]

What is Influencer Marketing? The Essential Guide Into Influencer Marketing and Careers

young asian woman with long brown hair and glasses drinking coffee while working on influencer marketing plans

To understand influencer marketing, one must first be familiar with influencers. Influencers are individuals that hold authority among a particular audience. They have the ability to influence others’ behaviors or ways of thinking.  In this digital age, influencers’ opinions hold significant value in their niche. It’s estimated that 70% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations comparably […]

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