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💡 AI Or Nay? Beating Marketer’s Block With AI Prompts

Chat-GPT. Google Bard. Midjourney.

AI: 2023’s hottest buzzword. It’s being hailed as the future of technology, and a looming threat to wordsmiths, creatives, and you guessed it – marketers.

Even though AI is far from perfect, its rapid growth can be anxiety-inducing considering the current job market.

But, when used correctly, AI can elevate your marketing efforts… without putting your job on the line.

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Despite its dizzying progression, AI still has a ways to go to sounding human.

Platforms like Chat-GPT might not be the best at churning out full-fledged articles and ad copy, but for kickstarting inspiration, creating frameworks, and taking monotonous, repetitive tasks off your plate… it can be a game changer.

Whether you’re a content marketer, copywriter, SEO, or work in ad ops, AI isn’t something to shy away from. It’s a tool to embrace.

Here are some of the most valuable AI prompts to apply to your marketing:

🧠 Conducting customer research (via Copy AI)

“Act as a marketing expert. Create 3 buyer personas from transcripts of customer interactions pasted below. For each persona, include behaviors, challenges, and interests. Give every buyer persona a quirky name (for example Sales Samantha) that corresponds to the persona’s character traits.”

💭 Brainstorming ideas for content creation inspiration (via Jasper AI)

“Can you suggest 10 content ideas for [specific social media platform] related to [specific topic or industry] that can appeal to [target audience]? Also, can you provide a brief description of each idea and how to execute it?”

✍️ Conducting keyword research to guide written content (via Wordstream)

“Give me a list of informational, long-tail keywords that I can use to ideate blog posts for [product or company].”

📫 Creating the framework of an email campaign (via Jasper AI)

“Our [product or company] is launching soon, and we need to send an email campaign to our [target audience] to create buzz and anticipation. Can you help me write an engaging subject line that stands out in their inbox and a message that highlights our [unique selling point] and creates a sense of urgency? Our brand voice is [tone], and we want to convey [desired emotion] in the email.”

🔎 Optimizing landing page copy for search engines (via WP Beginner)

“I want you to pretend you are a copywriter specializing in writing landing page copy for better SEO rankings and higher conversions. I need you to write the landing page copy for [your product or company]. Start with an intriguing headline to captivate the target audience followed by a call to action button. Below that I want you to add three content sections with different headings each targeting a specific keyword for the product. I need you to end the landing page copy with a FAQ section answering at least 5 customer questions about the product.”

👀 Designing compelling ads (via Jasper AI)

What are some [specific psychological triggers/emotions] that can be incorporated in my [ad format] ad to increase [specific metric], such as [specific metric] or [specific metric]?”

✍️ Writing a first-draft blog post (via Hubspot)

“Write an 800-word blog post about [subject], targeted towards [target audience] and include the following [keywords] in the headline, subheading, and body paragraphs.”

📝 Creating outlines for blog posts and articles (via Madgicx)

“Develop an SEO-optimized content outline for a comprehensive blog post about [topic], titled [article title] that includes relevant headings and subheadings that incorporate target keywords and address key aspects of the subject matter.”

🗣 Analyzing customer feedback (via Copy AI)

“Analyze customer reviews from [company]’s page: [link]. In a table format, share the following information: the 3 most common customer pain points, 3 most frequently mentioned product features, and 3 most frequently used sets of phrases.”

🧩 Ideating Ad Copy for A/B Tests (via Search Engine Land)

“Create two Google Ads in text format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for [product details]. Explain why the ads would make a good test.”

However, it’s important to remember that AI isn’t a miracle worker. There’s no magic prompt that will perfectly execute your vision. You’ll still need to iterate and add your own human touch.

As you’re engineering your prompts to find what works for you, remember:

  • Be specific! The more information you provide, the more tailored your output will be. Specify tone, desired outcome, what information to include, target audience, etc.
  • The quality of output relies on the quality of your input.
  • Generate, iterate, repeat. Tweak your prompts to emphasize different components and incorporate new specifications to improve your responses.

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