The Pros and Cons of Different Management Styles: Which Is Right for Your Organization?

female manager who practices the democratic management style with her team in a meeting

You’ve just been promoted to a management position at your company. You’re excited about the opportunity, but you’re also a little nervous. How will you lead your team effectively? Gallup estimates that managers are responsible for 70% of the differences in employee engagement scores between various business units. This substantial variance contributes to alarmingly low […]

Management vs. Leadership: Key Differences You Need to Know

black woman who works in management in a meeting with two employees

Picture this: you’ve finally been promoted to a managerial position within your marketing team. As you start your new role, you realize that there’s a lot more to it than just delegating tasks and overseeing projects. Now, you’re responsible for guiding, inspiring, and leading your team to success. But what exactly is the difference between […]

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Communication Skills for Women in Leadership Roles

Female manager effectively navigating a difficult conversation with her female employee

As a woman in a leadership position, you’ll inevitably encounter difficult conversations that you must guide. Whether it’s providing feedback to a colleague or making the tough decision to let someone go, strong communication skills are crucial for being an assertive and empathetic leader. Navigating these challenging conversations can be particularly daunting for women in […]

Leading Through Change Management: Tips for Women Managing Teams in the Fast-Paced Marketing and Advertising Industry

Female asian marketing manager discussing change management with her team

Change is inevitable, particularly in the dynamic world of marketing and advertising. As a leader, it’s crucial to develop effective change management skills to help your team navigate the constant shifts in strategies, technologies, and consumer preferences. Change management involves guiding and supporting your team through transitions. This includes addressing their concerns and ensuring that […]

Developing a Leadership Style That Works for You

black female manager with progressive leadership style meeting with diverse team of women

Have you ever found yourself struggling to receive concrete feedback from your supervisor about your leadership style, only to watch colleagues climb the career ladder ahead of you? What sets them apart? Their technical skills seem to be on par with, or even inferior to, your own, yet they’re the ones getting promoted. The truth […]

Breaking Virtual Barriers: 6 Tips to Build an Inclusive Remote Team

Woman working at her desk with a notebook and laptop

As the world of work continues to evolve and workplaces become increasingly remote, striving for an inclusive team culture has never been more important. In a distributed environment, it’s easy for some people to feel excluded or left out – leaders must take initiative to bridge those divides and create an environment where everyone feels […]

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