How to Know It’s Time to Leave Your Job: 9 Signs That You’re Ready to Move On

unhappy woman at desk contemplating leaving job

Leaving a job is rarely an easy choice. Changing jobs can open the doors to opportunity, allowing you to advance your career and find fulfillment in your everyday life. However, it’s not without risk. Quitting without careful consideration can pose a threat to your financial situation, especially if you haven’t saved enough and don’t have […]

Resignation Letter Templates: Examples to Help You Draft Your Own Letter

woman at computer researching resignation letter templates

The time has come to leave your job. Aside from talking to your manager about leaving, you’ll also need to submit a resignation letter. You may have read our guide on what to include in a resignation letter. If you’re still not sure what to say or are in a rush, we’ve compiled a variety […]

How to Write a Resignation Letter That Leaves a Positive Impression

pensive woman at desk writing resignation letter

At some point in your career, you may find yourself in a position where you need to resign from your job. Whether it’s due to a new opportunity, personal reasons, or a change in career direction, it’s important to leave on good terms. One way to ensure a graceful exit is by learning how to […]

How to Have a Difficult Conversation with Your Boss About Leaving

young brunette woman at desk contemplating difficult conversation with boss about quitting

Deciding to leave your job can be a tough decision. It can be even more challenging to have a difficult conversation with your boss about your departure. According to a 2019 survey by Randstad US, 60% of workers have left or considered leaving a job due to a difficult boss. Whether it’s due to a […]

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